Role of Youth

Topics: Rama, Human, Bharat Ratna Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: April 17, 2013
The role of youth in realising the dreams of Dr.Kalam
“Dream, dream, dream, your dreams will transform into thoughts, thoughts lead to honest work, work results in action and you will succeed” has been rightly said by Dr.Abul Pakir Jainul Abideen Abdul Kalam. Dreams can be accomplished by youth as they have commitment to action. To quote Jean Ingelow “Youth! Youth! How buoyant are the hopes; they turn, Like marigolds, towards the sunny side”. Students’ life is meant for studies to become true and responsible citizens, formidable leaders and esteemed legislators as India entails such intellectually alert and adroit disciples. A nation of disciplined youth can travel in the path of progress. They play a crucial mantle in the endeavours for equality and justice. They must assimilate from the very beginning- the lessons of self-help, self-reliance and self-sacrifice. Youth should be jawans and take up arms against the corrupted people and spill the beans on to the public so as no person ever never has the nerve to indulge in any illegal activities. As sizeable part of Indians are unscholarly and backward who are unknown regarding the new-fangled evolutions, the allegiance falls on us to empower and bring perception to them with latest trends, technologies and scientific inventions. As Shankaracharya says, “The springs of patriotism are deep rooted in Indians”, we should show it beyond the desire. “Janani janma bhoomischa swargad api gariyasi” said lord Sri Rama to Lakshmana when the latter, attracted by the opulence of Lanka, expressed an ardent desire to settle down there. “Your mother land, great or not, are forsooth greater than a paradise.” Hence, we should comprehend that our mother land is the only place where we can reach maximum glory and recognition. We should also look for jobs within the country and strive for its progress. We must play a paramount role in safeguarding our country by involving ourselves in politics. We are the best judges as we have...
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