Role of the United States Constitution

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Role of the United States Constitution
The role of the constitution plays an important part of the everyday life in the United States. It is a part of every person’s life even if they do not realize it. It usually has impacted your life in the past or even at every moment in someone’s life. “Although the Constitution created a new federal government, it took a courageous, brilliant, and farseeing Supreme Court chief justice to help realize the framers’ vision.” (Microsoft, 2007) The Constitution itself provides that it may be amended to address social and economic changes. There are two main functions that the U. S. Constitution serves. One of main function is the three branches of the federal government which are judicial, legislative and executive. The second main function is to, “protect individual rights by limiting the government’s ability to restrict those rights.” (Cheeseman, 2007) Power is distributed throughout the branches in time. The executive branch is designated to provide the election of the president and vice president. Both presidents are elected by the Electoral College and not by popular vote like one would think. The legislative branch’s responsibility consists of the Senate and House of Representatives which together are called Congress. Lastly, there is the judicial branch which was created by establishing the Supreme Court. Checks and balances have been created so one branch does not get any more powerful than the others. The judicial branch has authority to examine the acts of the other two branches of government and determine if those acts are constitutional. The executive branch can enter into treaties with foreign governments only with the advice and consent of the Senate. The legislative branch is authorized to create federal courts and determine their jurisdiction and to enact statutes that change judicially made law. Certain checks and balances are built into the Constitution to ensure that no one branch of the federal government...

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