Role of Pornography in Society

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Prior to researching this topic, I made it a point to write down my opinion on pornography in which I stated, “I am completely indifferent about the status of pornography in today’s society, I feel as if it is neither detrimental nor necessary”. Therefore, I started this research with an empty opinion on pornography however, it was altered as soon as I read the first article. A few minutes later, my opinion was completely flipped again after reading an opposing article. In other words, the fact that I had no value for pornography from the beginning made it extremely simple for my opinion to sway. I started off without taking a specific standpoint therefore, I wasn’t likely to favor one side of the argument over the other. I think this factor was beneficial towards my report. My perception had no effect on the research and since I began with a clean slate, my values remained completely neutral while discovering the results.

Despite the fact that pornography is an uncomfortable topic to speak about, it apparently isn’t an uncomfortable topic for people to do research on. There was an excessive amount of research on the debates and opinions about pornography. The easiest information to obtain was the information about legal status, stereotypes, and differing perceptions. The most difficult information to obtain was information about technology and it’s effect on pornography over the years. In other words, my research report began to develop and narrow on its own based on the types of research that were most abundant. Therefore, my thesis question formed as: What are the differing views on the legal and social status of pornography in today’s society and why are they so varied? This specific question helped guide the development of my interview questions. I needed to find out people’s specific views in order to notice the trends and factors. I decided to ask five direct questions about the person’s opinion on the legal status of pornography and its role in...
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