Role of Information Systems in Thomas Cook

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The report basically focuses on mySAP CRM- Software in Retail Tourism Marketing of Thomas Cook AG. It considers the key challenges faced by the firm and how mySAP CRM software acts as an efficient and effective system in managing the firm’s retail marketing operations. The report also considers the benefits like customer data management, effective coordination of several marketing campaigns, lead management and quick decision making and processing cycle gained by the firm after the installation of the system. The report after an analysis of the system also throws light on the several conclusions. It can be clearly stated that with the help of mySAP CRM system, Thomas Cook AG has been able to reach maximum customers with minimum cost and continues its legacy of direct marketing. Thomas Cook AG has effectively planned and evaluating their marketing campaigns and avoided over budgeted campaigns Thomas Cook AG has an edge over its other competitors by its immediate response to dynamic changes in the environment. The report also provides recommendations such as effective communication at all levels and valuable rewards to efficient users, periodic and sufficient training to end users and analysis by Thomas Cook AG of the cost and the impact of the implementation of software in other subsidiaries before the final implementation. INTRODUCTION

The report mainly concentrates on how successfully Thomas Cook AG has managed to fulfil its business objectives with the implementation of the mySAP CRM software. The report is structured in a manner to facilitate the understanding of the adoption of particular information software in Thomas Cook AG. The benefit after the application of the software has been critically evaluated. The drawbacks are considered for...

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