Rockin' 3 Billy Goats

Topics: Goat, Troll, Three Billy Goats Gruff Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Rockin’ 3 Billy Goats
Are you ready?! One of my favourite stories and it actually comes from the country called Norway which is way way up North from Scandinavia and its very cooooolllddd..... Can you imagine how it feels to be cold coz’ i know it’s not very cold right now. So can you show me how cold feels? COOoolldd... VERY Good! Now there in Norway they do have summer time and when they do... They have lots and tons of green green grass. And you’ll probably recognize my friends in the story.

Loooonnggg ago in the land of the green green grass their lived 3 billy goats. Their names were 3 billy goat???? Gruff! There was Little Billy goat gruff, there was Middle Billy goat gruff and there was Biiiggg Billy goat Gruff. Now the 3 billy goat gruffs lived in one side of the canyon and over this canyon was a bridge. And underneath the bridge lived a????? TRooooLLL.. No one wanted to cross the bridge because they are all afraid of the?????? TRoooLLLL....

But one day Little billy goat gruff looked acroooossssss the canyon and there, on the other side he saw---sweet green grass. And he wanted to?? Eat some of that sweet green grass. Soooo he decided, to cross the bridge just like this : Song 1 “ TRIP TRAP TRIPPITY TRAP, A TRIP TRAP TRIPPITY TRAP.. uh uh uh (2x). Can you help me with that ?!??? (Sing Song 1). Suuuddenly... out from underneath the bridge appeared the?!!?? HooOgoody Woogoody Troll. Said : Song 2 “ Whose that TRIPPITY TRAPPIN OVER MY BRIDGE i said who i said who (2x). Who is it?!!!! You.... The little billy goat gruff said “it is i Little billy goat gruff”... Welll said the troll “little billy goat gruff you kinda like tasty to me (slurp slurp sound belly rubbing) and im gonna have you for ??!!!?? BREAkfast... OOhh Noo cried little billy goat gruff you don’t wanna eat me im too skinny you must wait for my big brother, Middle billy goat gruff is much fatter than me he will fill your tummy. ALL RIGHT! Said the troll I”LL Let you...
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