Remembering an Event

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I've never been so excited about going on a skiing trip. I had waited for this trip for a long time, and when a friend, Mike, called me and said that he is gathering our entire group of friends from our college to go skiing, Peter and I agreed to go without hesitation. When I was in college, we had already created a close-knit group of friends, and even though everyone went on his or her own path and has a wife, a husband, or children, we promised ourselves that every year, we would meet up. And so, it is the present. In my mind, I was thinking about how old my daughter, Lily, would be at the time of the trip, and whether I could I leave her and my son, Nicolas, with my mom. My husband and I decided to go skiing in the French Alps, the destination being the Three Valleys. We landed in Turin in Italy, where we were picked up by our friends, and after a few hours we were already at the hotel. Despite the early hour, we all went to the rooms for a good night sleep before we hit the slopes the next morning.

After a quick breakfast and strong coffee, we were all ready for the next adventure together. The day was frosty – 18 degrees of Fahrenheit. My dad had always told me the when you hear the snow crunching underfoot, the temperature is 18 degrees, and I never knew how he knew that, but he was right. The air was so brisk and fresh, and the smell was reminiscent of fresh hay. I do not know why, but all alpine villages have the same smell, and thanks to the nice odor, I can always recognize where I am.

We drove to the top of the slopes. It took us about 45 minutes and we were at an altitude of more than 12 000 feet. The sun made breathtaking views, and the air was as clean as a whistle. Sometimes you wondered if you would not be able to you catch your breath, but it just the height that made breathing for the first time so difficult. The adrenaline was growing and I was so afraid that I might have forgotten...
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