Rock Band Research Paper

Topics: Rock music, Song, Music, Michael Jackson, Reality television, Television / Pages: 1 (200 words) / Published: Dec 23rd, 2015
Many teens dream about having their own rock band when they grow up. That dream has recently become a reality for three young musicians. They started off playing in a basement, but they are officially a real band now. The name of their band is Track 45. They specialize in covering a variety of classic hits. They also play a variety of stringed instruments, including the guitar, cello and violin.

The band members are siblings. They are from Nashville, Tennessee, which is known as the country music capital of the world. Their names are KK, Jenna and Ben. They have their own YouTube page, which features covers of several hit songs. They recently did a cover of Adele's latest hit "Hello."

"Hello" is one of the most popular songs in America right

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