Writing and Submission Guidelines for Research Paper on The Cultural Impact of the Rock Musical

Topics: Hair, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Rock opera Pages: 4 (988 words) Published: July 7, 2013
Final Research Paper:
The Cultural Impact of the Rock Musical (Rock Opera)

Do not fear the research paper! I am confident that all of you will be successful with this assignment IF you invest the time and energy during this semester to “make it happen”. I am here to assist you, as are the numerous online tutoring and tutorial services that are available to you.

This research paper will be comprised of your research into the impact of your chosen rock musical on society, its redefinition of societal norms, and/or its redefinition of or challenge of traditional gender roles. Be sure to take the time period it was produced in into consideration. You should read the entire script of the musical as well as view the film version (and integrate both into your final product).

The paper will be 1200-1500 words in length (not counting quotes).

It is different from the previous two papers we have written in this course in that it is composed primarily of MLA-documented research, and is not simply a personal analysis of your chosen rock musical.

You should first gather all of the scholarly, reliable reviews, analytical or critical essays, texts, etc. that you can find based on your musical choice. Then, create a “report” of sorts on your findings by integrating, explaining, and supporting your own assertions to create a cohesive research-based paper. Using the HCC Library (or another institution’s) Resources, whether online or in person, is a critical part of your success on this paper.

To best combine your own thoughts with those of respected critics, you should keep an open mind about the musical’s impact until you have read at least three critical articles or reviews. Mark important passages of the articles as you read them because you will be using at least five quotes from the research, as well as at least two directly from your musical. Please make sure that that the quotes are relevant to the point you are making, and don’t use overlong quotes...
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