Robotic Surgery

Topics: Surgery, Hospital, Physician Pages: 3 (514 words) Published: December 5, 2012

Surgery techniques are advancing with developing technology. Robotic surgery is
getting more common day by day. Robotic surgery is a technique in which a surgeon
performs surgery using a computer that remotely controls very small instrument attached
to a robot. Even though it could be claimed that robotic surgery is a expensive to start-up
and perform maintenance, is a longer surgery method that manual surgery, which reduces
the sense of touch, in fact it contains better technique and faster healing in surgery, also,
bleeding is reduced, scars are smaller and hospital stays are shorter.
Although it could be argued that robotic surgery is a very expensive method, but using
this technique makes easier the surgery procedure for patients. At this early stage in
technology, the robotic systems are very expensive. With improvements in technology, the
system will become more complicated and the cost will rise. Also, to start-up the system is
highly expensive. Another issue with cost is the problem with regarding the system as they
improve. The absolute cost for robotic operations was higher, the major part of the increased
cost was attributed to the initial cost of purchasing the robot and yearly maintenance.
However, there are various advantages of robotic surgery. Robotic arms maket he procedure
easier for surgeon. Different kind of instruments can be attached to robotic arms according to
procedure to be performed. Robotic techniques are also associated with reduce duration of
hospital stays and pain medication.
While it could be asserted that robotic is a longer surgery method than manual surgery,
nevertheless, in surgery, patients feel less pain and their scars are smaller. Robotic assisted
heart surgery can take nearly twice the amount of time that a typical heart surgery takes, but
this is variable depending on the surgeon’s expertise and practice with the equipment. In...
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