Robert Jordan's Suicidal Characters

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Robert Jordan does not overtly commit suicide at the end of the novel, but he is one of Hemingway’s most suicidal characters. He does not have much to live for as an individual; he left the United States to fight on the Republican side of the war, because he believes in its cause and is dedicated to serving Spain, the country he loves. He lacks passion and does not care strongly about anything other than politics, war, and death. Aside from his involvement in the military, Robert lives a dull life, which makes it easier to fully submit himself and lose all remnants of his individuality behind enemy lines to join forces with the guerrilleros.
Robert endures both external and internal struggles within the novel. He is assigned a difficult mission,
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Several of the characters, especially Robert, would favor death over capture and are willing to kill themselves, be killed, or kill to escape it. Towards the end of the novel, Robert is unable to continue travelling because he becomes injured. Subsequently, he anticipates a final attack that will result in his death; he attempts to prepare himself for the unpleasant consequences of suicide to evade capture, fated torture, or death at the hands of the adversary. A part of him wishes to elude the notion of suicide altogether; Robert’s father committed suicide, and he perceives him as cowardice. Robert is clearly no stranger to suicide, but he frowns upon it; he also feels that "you have to be awfully occupied with yourself to do a thing like that.”
Robert’s death is predominately considered a heroic sacrifice but alternatively, he committed suicide disguised as death. He knew that there would be no life for him after the war, at least not one he would find bearable. Despite falling for Maria, he would presumably suffer from the depression that ultimately seized Hemingway's life. During wartime, Hemingway carried out risky heroics to accelerate his own demise and guarantee him a noble death, instead of a slow and agonizing decline due to manic

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