Book Review: For All the Tea in China by Sarah Rose

Pages: 8 (1436 words) Published: February 26, 2013
For all the Tea in China by Sarah Rose reviewed by Brooke Gschwind

“For all the Tea in China -How England Stole the World's Favorite Drink and Changed History

” as the subtitle foreshadows the story already. Before I had even read the book I assumed it

would be a journey of betrayal, action and only closed off to the events that occur re's as Robert

Fortune underhandedly takes china's precious tea right from underneath they're own noses.

But little did I know that it Sarah Rose has incorporated all the events essential to the to

cultivation of tea in the mid Nineteenth-century. In Audition to this Historical non-fiction story that

may be boring to others, or as one of my fellow classmates would put it “I've been spacing out

throughout the book” I Believe that Sarah Rose Has painted a Vivid image of the nineteenth century,

with out a single page, paragraph, or sentence wasted with unnecessary knowledge to the reader's view

from how the Royal Horticultural Society of England and the East India Company affected England's

economy, traditions were also created based off of tea shipment such as the Annual Tea race. And how

World Changed England's East India Company to officially close down.

Robert Fortune, a Scottish gardener, botanist, and world's best plant hunter, famously known for

his The British tea Heist which Sarah Rose writes passionately and was inspired by Scott Anderson in

this book, and in audition famous for bringing back and documenting new oriental plants from China

to England. Such as lovely tree peonies, and the uniquely streaked ornamental plant Hosta

Fortunei. which was named after Robert fortune himself along with some other oriental plants found

under his own travels not during the multiple expeditions he was sent to do by the East India

Company. Fortune while undergoing the process in sending India seeds that are healthy and

germinated..... but how?Fortune had realized that transporting the seeds in side package's while

shipped doesn't stop the life cycle so the seeds that were in anything but soil were unsuccessful

because the environment was unsuitable for the next step of its life which was the sapling. Buy having

the tea seeds in the layers of soil and in the warden cases protected from sea spray forced the seeds to

germinate with little watering because, of the warden cases the water that evaporated would just

collect and drop back to the tea plant because of the morning due. Which has never been done before

and changed the way of transporting seeds across seas for decades to come, and also solved the

problem of transporting larger plants such as towering red woods and,England were now able to

transport a whole species in there easy to tend to seed forms.

The reason why Fortune had to take on this task of stealing China's tea secret was because. In

the early nineteenth century China and Britain had a shaky relationship of trading England's opium

that China was so addicted to for they're finest tea which grew high among the finger like mountain

karsts of Wuyi in the Fujian provenances. But it was China who Threaten to grow and sell there own

opium, and Britain couldn't let that happen because England relied on that finance to fund there tea

budget And so if China wanted to play that way so will the British, therefore they sent Fortune.
Poorer Qualities of tea already existed trying to compete with china's finest tea in the

Experimental grounds a part of the Himalayas in India run by the British. But could not

duplicate the process of making tea itself or how its grown with out the precious knowledge china was

keeping from them world. When Fortune succeeded it had Put Britain at the center of trade because

there companies would produce safer qualities of tea because the Chinese where slowly killing people

with dyes and pigments used in paints...
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