Road to Serfdom Chpater Summaries

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The Road to Serfdom Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1
The first chapter begins by explaining the relevance of the economic stand points that people are unaware of. F.A. Hayek points out a key aspect that relates to society sharing a Totalitarianism view; which is simply one person or a government being the absolute power. However, all people really want is their freedom. Over time I believe that Hayek feels that the people are losing their freedom. Totalitarianism is different and the people did not fully understand what was going to happen. In all reality it was just a change not necessarily for the better. Chapter 2

Hayek moves into Chapter two and begins talking about socialism. He points out that over time Socialism has become more popular as time passes. Socialism is believed to be the way of freedom. Very different from Totalitarianism however Socialism overpowered Liberalism. But Socialism was also compared to Fascism. Many people that were once socialist became Fascist and example being the Nazi's that were once socialist became fascist. Because of Socialism and Fascism are somewhat similar but also very different and this led to competition. Chapter 3

It seems as though in Chapter 3 that Hayek explains the notion of socialism. From my perspective in the book, society has become puzzled by Socialism. Society can see socialism as an abstract concept. This relates to the means and principles of equal opportunity and safety. However, it is simply an idea of which is being put into action to rid the people of their businesses to be handed over to the government from a private sector aspect. It seems though Hayek is recommending that society should push to be a part of the Socialist system however not everyone agrees with the Socialist system. Chapter 4

According to the chapter four change is inevitable and planning will cause changes. Hayek states that technology changes have created competition due to the number of fields. He also states that there is...
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