Road Safety

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Road safety continues to be one of the most serious public health and social issues in Trinidad and Tobago—it affects everyone, whether you drive, walk or cycle. The aim of road safety is to reduce the harm, injuries, death and property damage resulting from crashes of road vehicle traveling on our nation’s roads. I believe with goverment intervention, educational programs and law enforcement this social problem can curb the increasing levels of road accidents and fatalities.

According to the IPSL’S HSE corporate committee, “In Trinidad and Tobago, there are on average 200 road fatalities per year since 2005. The road safety initiative is part of IPSL’s corporate safety committee education and awareness programmed for 2007”. Road traffic fatalities in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) have been on the increase ... 96%.

The (Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Association) Jameer Ali and Vice President Rawlins Amar who spoke on road safety. Canadian paramedic expert, David Douglas, revealed some of the global statistics relating to vehicular accidents. He cited Trinidad and Tobago as having the tenth highest accident fatality rate in Latin America with 20.4% per100, 000 population road fatalities.

“According to a study conducted in Canada in 2005, fatal accidents are largely due to drunk and reckless driving,” he said.

In Trinidad and Tobago, 40% of accidents take place on three roads: the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Eastern Main Road and the Solomon Hochoy Highway. A total of 84% of accidents were the driver’s fault, 33% of accidents occurred between 6 pm – midnight; 68% between midnight – 6 am; 55% occur on Friday / Saturday and Sundays. 80% of accident victims are male drivers between 20 – 49 years (CSO.)

It is believe that some of the major cause of road traffic accidents is due to: 1. Irresponsible driving
2. The use of cell phones
3. Drunk driving
4. Road way designs
5. Poor maintenance of road way
6. Poor equipment
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