A Study on the Different Factors Affecting Car Accidents in Manila

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A Study on the Different Factors
Affecting Car Accidents in Manila

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Research

Submitted to:
Mr. Jonathan David Hubilla

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09 Gonida, Sean
10 Gonzales, Erick
12 Lao, Arwin
17 Uy, Raphaelle

Saint Jude Catholic School
San Miguel Manila

Date of Submission: January 20, 2014



“From 80 road accidents caused by the use of mobile phones in 2007, it ballooned to 491 in 2009 and rose to 608 last year”, said Supt. Edwin Butacan, PNP-HPG (Philippine National Highway Patrol Group) spokesperson.

With the increasing number of cars on the road of the Philippines each year, car accidents have unfortunately become a very common sight. Many people die as a result of car accidents, with many more receiving serious injuries. Such injuries and death often leave victims and their families devastated. This study might be helpful in making people aware about trends in car accidents, and thus hopefully reducing the number of car accidents in Manila.

Our research is about the different factors affecting car accidents. Example of these is like what is the most usual case of car accidents: was it from drunk driving, or careless of the driver? This research is also about the different ways to prevent or at least lessen the causes of these car accidents by informing the general public about it.

The researchers want to pursue this study because it can be beneficial to the community. Through this study, the researchers will be able to determine the most frequent reasons why car accidents happen. After knowing these certain causes, the researcher will be able to inform the community and they will be able to use this information to prevent accidents from happening.


This study aims to

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