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Rizal as a Great Man
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Last January 12, 2013, Force Majeure Events Management Experts held a gala presentation in SM North Edsa of “JOE: The Rocksicale (A Rock Musicale), a live theatrical rock musical featuring a contemporary fresh new take on the life of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.”

Jose Rizal is the figure of our nation. He is the symbol of nationalism – a deep and intimate love for our country. He has contributed in many ways. In terms of literature, he has given the people masterpieces such as “Noli Me Tangere”, “El Filibusterismo” and several works like “The Philippines a Century Hence” and “To The Young Women of Malolos”. He has given many insights on what a Filipino should have towards his/her language. He also contributed to the love towards education and learning. Jose Rizal, being a great contributor in both our nation’s freedom and democracy from the Spaniards, is recognized to be even just more to what the textbooks and biographies say. He is beyond what we expect.
Jose Rizal is like any man. He ate, drank and breathes the same air, food, and water that we take in. He had a formal education and as well as a family that cared for him. Just like us, Rizal shared the many moments in life that we have. He had the joy of meeting and serving people. He does enjoy the load of his work as a doctor; however, he also shared the same amount of stress ordinary people do. He experiences anxiety. In times wherein there is conflict in life, Rizal would worry as well. In essence, Rizal shared the same amount of emotions as we fellow people do. He cried, laughed, gasped, awed, and sighed like us. I would never have received such insight if it weren’t for the presentation of an actor expressing such detail. The theater-viewing made me appreciate the personality of Rizal even more because I got to see him as an “Average Joe”.
There are many controversies between what happened in the past and how art expresses it in terms of creativity. Either the truth is added or subtracted, which would result into a lie. Which must we believe? History creates a big observation and writes down what exactly happened and to the exact detail of the event, but art on the other hand gives people a vivid picture of imagination and may hideaway the accuracy of historical events because of its artistic principles. History – accurate, exact and gives information. Art – appealing, friendly to the eye, and makes it easier to understand. Similarly to education and entertainment, there is a great and vast difference. Education is the process of learning through a systematic way of teaching, while entertainment is the value of enjoying a particular object, event, person, or feeling. You feel attracted. Education has its way of informing people in what to believe. On the other hand, entertainment has a way of luring people’s imagination and appreciation.
I would personally say that the ‘Retraction’ within the era of Rizal’s choice to turn his back away from the country in order to get married was hidden from me. I only heard of it when I viewed the show. Critical thinking helped me understand that this event in history is true and right of its values. This type of thinking is developed through keen observation and deep understanding of how the things around us happen.
The overused themes of Rizal such love for one’s nation, affection towards a person, sacrifice and diligence in service for the community, was not boringly replayed again, but was added with more and more twists of color and liveliness. The music developed a great and progressive message to the audience that this isn’t a normal talk-to-talk presentation of Rizal’s life, rather it is a rock fest full of his own values, events depicted in his life, and the overall conflict between the right and wrong choice. Add that up and you get – Joe the Rocksicale.
One of the most inspirational parts of the play was the character of Joecas saying something of a message ‘Learn how to love people’. It just dawned on me that I haven’t really shown love tom people. I have been selfish and self-conscious about me, myself, and I. When was the last time I gave “TLC” to one of my fellow friends or family? Well, not for awhile. I will learn to love. Another is the scene wherein Rizal gives his final look to the country before he dies. It just shows how much love I should give to my motherland as Jose Rizal has and will always give.
Joe the Rocksicale is very hard to describe. It contains so many aspects of arts and history that it is immensely spread throughout the production. From the dance numbers, to the singing duets, to the basic gestures of the actors, I believe it deserves a 5-star rating. Not to mention the social aspect of comedy. It truly serves as enlightenment for the students. Also, the flow of ideas was greatly depicted as well. In the props side, the objects used was very accurate. The window idea of a flashback was great as well to be used as a tool for separating the past of Rizal to the present of Joecas.
If I had the chance to catch another production organized by Force Majeure, I would most probably do so. I wouldn’t want to miss the values being thought, the ideas being expressed, the comical acts being presented, and the very inviting acting of the actors. Truly, this has changed my perspective about our national hero – Jose Rizal.

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