River Wood Plant Case Analysis

Topics: Legitimacy, Management, Legitimation Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Background. Heritage Appliances is modernising their plant facilities, utilising new forms of production not seen in appliance manufacturing. In addition to the changes in the production line, Heritage Appliances is piloting a new decentralised management structure, This initiative will be piloted in the newly constructed River Wood plant. Issues and problems. This initiative presents numerous issues and problems. The following are issues for consideration for the new General Manager to consider: a. Organisational change; employees are often resistant to change. In this case the supervisory roles within this organisation will be especially resistant to the loss of visibility between themselves and executive management. The instalment of a General Manager who is responsible for all functions and personnel, subsequently removes direct links for some employees to the senior Vice President.

b. Relocation of personnel; Those employees who will be required to move to other sites may present fight to movement as they may be well established at their current plant and in their personal/family location and routines, as such any relocation may upset this balance and in turn negatively impact on work output by some employees.

c. Upskilling and education of employees; All the employees will require upskilling on the new assets and operating procedures of the updated production line. The period of time will take to implement and remedy bugs will effect productivity.

d. Impact on current operations; the major changes planned for the new River Wood plant will impact on productivity and burden other plants to make up the short comings whilst the initiative is being implemented and obstacles are remedied. These impacts will cause angst the stakeholders as production and potentially reputation is effected, until results are achieved.

e. Management setup and changes to roles and responsibility including leadership styles. Options. There are numerous options for the new...
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