Riot in Prisons

Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: March 20, 2011

Riot is a situation in which a group of people behave violently in a public place, often as a protest against a system or a policy. This protest normally is in a manner that the behaviour is difficult to be controlled, in most cases, this act results to destruction of valuable properties, injuries on people and sometimes lost of lives.


In the prison riot occurs very easily when situation like these are not avoided: 1. When prisoners plan a jail break, which is usually planned by long term prisoners, awaiting trial of capital charges and detainees. 2. When prisoner’s rations are tempered with.

3. When prisoners are malhandled especially in the presence of other prisoners. 4. When prisoners are not taken to court for a very long time. 5. When trafficking becomes a serious business.

Any time a riot is perceived in the prison, the bell should be rang and all the inmates should be sent to their cells and locked up immediately, if efforts to lock them up fails, there should be a rapid and random whistle blasts to alert other staff within and outside the prison for assistance, for reasons like these, prison barracks are built closely around the prison yard, sometimes good civilian citizen around the prison premises too turn out to assist in situations like these, especially with the help of the unusual whistle blast. While in the prison yard and a riot is noticed to have been planned, which in most cases the inmates show by their behaviours and sometimes the try to arm themselves with stones, stick, buckets turned to weapons etc. All the staff should hurriedly run to the gate lodge and inner gate should be locked and all the staff should quickly take cover round the prison and the police and other security agencies should be informed immediately for more security and reinforcement.


The following measures should be observed as precautions to prevent riot in the prisons....
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