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Riordan Issues

By jgrego227 Feb 24, 2014 303 Words
Riordan well known CEO Dr Michael Riordan is the lead and who takes full control. All involved always take full advice of what he has to say. Any other person regardless of how high their title may be must abide to the CEO’s orders. The way hierarchy in the management of the Riordan manufacturing tends to be complex one. Dr Michael Riordan is the head person in charge of command research and the full development of its operations. Riordan has two senior vice presidents who are under the CEO’s leadership. First VP is senior vice president of Riordan is in charge of the research and development of the company. All the information in regards to research is provided to the CEO. Following is Chief Operating Officer; his duties are very extensive and difficult. Anything that has to do with the operations of the sales, product support, finance, marketing, quality control and information is given to CEO. The way the hierarchy of research and development department is set is much less difficult when in comparison to operations and functions of Riordan manufacturing. In the research and development department the engineers do the work in accordance to the premises. In operation, the task requests from CEO come down to the chief operating officer. Then the chief operating officer educates the vice presidents under his leadership. All vice presidents of different functions share this information to with their directors. All directors at this point will then have different tasks. A director has sales representatives under their leadership. Each sales representative must always be ready and willing for any order given to them by their director. Hierarchy of operations can be complicated and time consuming for those at the bottom of the hierarchy as it takes different levels to process before it reaches the bottom.

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