Rigoberta Menchu

Topics: Guatemala, Latin America, Woman Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The amalgamation of Rigoberta Menchu ​​Rigoberta Menchu ​​today fight for civil rights of women and indigenous people. In Latin America, in some countries, indigenous people make the largest percentage of the general population. For example, Guatemala, the country of Menchu, the indigenous people do not have the same rights as a Guatemalan who has European roots. Menchu ​​makes the difficult task to give rights to Indians and Indian women also in their culture's customs that discriminate against women. Mayan culture in Guatemala there was no notion that women should be treated like men. Menchu ​​had the opportunity to talk with people from different countries on the topic of women's struggle. The breast of feminist ideas, Menchu ​​did not know. They had a very special relationship that also influenced him Menchu. Menchu's mother taught indigenous customs. For instance that an Indian woman should not makeup because that takes away the natural beauty that God gave her. Also speaking of corn and its importance in the Mayan culture. The corn was something "fertile" that keeps people's lives. Menchu ​​After distanced himself from his mother. It was because he loved her more but because Menchu ​​wanted to break the tradition of how women were treated. Menchu's mom said you have to see the man as something unique and special. She also could be seen in this way but I had to do to please him. For example, when his father came home from work to dinner with the family his mother gave him a larger share than his mom. Menchu's mother also worked hard to support the family. She was chiman the people and that had a big responsibility to help its people. This will let his mom could walk alone by the people because it looked bad that a woman was alone, I had to be in the presence of a man. When Menchu ​​started talking to different people in the cause of women she performed certain things she wanted to change. For example, Menchu ​​organized indigenous people working in the field...
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