Richard the Lionheart's Story

Topics: Richard I of England, Crusades, Philip II of France Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Richard was the king of England, he was then later on known as the ‘Lion Heart’. He was famous for the things he did in the Third Crusade. Although King Richard the Lionheart ruled for ten whole years, he only was in England for six months. He had a lot of fighting powers in him, but like his brothers he fought with his family. He joined his family to have an extremely large fight with his father Henry II in 1173. In 1183, sadly his brother Henry died, leaving Richard to be the leader of England. As king, Richard wanted to lead the Third Crusade; this was because of Saladin’s capture of Jerusalem in 1187, which motivated him. To help pay for this Crusade, Richard sold offices to people and in 1190 he left his land to try and take over the Holy Land. In May, he had finally reached Cyprus, where he decided to marry a lovely woman named Berengaria. She was the daughter of the king of Navarre. Richard then reached the Holy Lands in June 1191. In September he was finally victorious, after Arsuf gave the Crusaders possession of Joppa. Although he came close, the crusade’s main objective had run away. After this, there was a stalemate. Where both regions had come to an agreement where they would leave each other alone and bring peace to the lands. Richard made a truce with Saladin and started his journey home to where he belonged. But this wasn’t the end, as he was on his large ship to his way home, but bad weather arrived. It drove his ship to ashore near Venice, Italy; this was where Duke Leopold of Austria put him into jail. Later on he was handed over to the German emperor Henry VI. Finally, in February 1194 Richard was released, he returned to England and was crowned king for the second time in his life. Although he was crowned king again, a month later he went to Normandy, never to return. His last five years of his life was spent at warfare against Philip II. He was trying to surround the castle of Chalus in France wen he was extremely wounded and sadly he died...
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