Richard Henry Boyd

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Bishop Richard Henry Boyd

During a one time in history many racial conflicts have occurred in the Baptist Church. Many churches of Baptist origin have always been involved controversial debates, especially between the black churchgoers. Many black churchgoers have looked at the church as a sanctuary for religion, but besides religion this is a place where many business opportunities begin. Many people do not realize that the church for the black community is beyond religion. This is where the community comes together and has faith that the black community will become a better place through worship and the confrontation of the issues in the black community. The church is also a pace where many people will disagree on each other political decisions in a way unite and move the black race forward also. This was especially shown in the presence of Robert Henry Boyd. Boyd was a man who believed that the black church should be an example of black owned businesses. His Baptist Church was a good place for black leader to meet each other and make decisions that were beneficial for the black race during the Jim Crow segregation era. He exemplified true character to lead his people through a time of changes with intellectual education and economic independence. When many people think of Robert Henry Boyd they do not realize who this man was. Many can say due to his past that he was not a good cause for the black race, but he was born into issues, which was hard for him to accept. These issues later helped him lead his black race with many opportunities to advance his people, even though many today can still argue that he was not a good leader for the black race do to his mishaps, which are immorally wrong to people who views are different from his views. It is not for people to judge, but for people to understand his goal and achievements for his Baptist community who represented the black race. Boyd believed in equality as much as the other black Baptists. Through his beliefs he came with a master plan to help the black Baptist form his own convention for black advocacy. This would be an important part in history and an ever-changing experience that will change the Baptist version of Christianity forever. These changes occurred through the National Baptist Convention, which helped establish many business ventures through Boyd’s decisions for his black Baptists in the church. It did not affect the church only, but it also affected the black community in positive ways. Richard Henry Boyd was born with the name Dick Gray that was given to him by his father. He was born on March 15, 1843 on the Gray Plantation in Noxubee County, Mississippi. His mother was Indiana Dixon, a slave on the plantation and his father was B.A. Gray, the slave master on the plantation. Indiana Dixon had three daughters and four sons. Dick was the oldest of seven children that Indiana had. In 1849 the landlords of the plantation moved to Washington County, Texas, and took their slaves with them. They lived on a large plantation in which B.A. Gray was still the slave master. During the occurrence of the Civil War, Dick Gray accompanied his master and his three sons to the battles during the Civil War as a servant in the Confederate army. His master and two of his three brothers who were white was killed at Chattanooga, and his other brother was injured. After the war the family appointed Boyd the manager of the plantation. As the manager of the plantation he helped in the production if the cotton and also he was in charge of selling around the border in Mexico. A few years later he left the plantation and held several positions which included secretary of the Missionary Baptist General Convention in Texas, superintendent of missions in Texas, at the National Baptist Convention in St. Louis they elected Boyd secretary of home missions in...
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