Rice Flour Mask

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Michelle Morales

Rice powder or flour is a widely known ingredient to treat blemishes, wrinkles and pigmentation. In fact, this ingredient has been used as an anti-aging skin treatment in many Asian countries for centuries. The Geishas in Japan, for example, use rice powder in their beauty routine and despite their heavy makeup, their skin remain porcelain smooth…

I. Problem:

Most People have acne problems or break outs, they also leave marks on the face which others find irritating. And some experience excessive oiliness of the face… Since some of us tend to be impatient, we treat them with creams or any other cosmetic products... But people with a sensitive skin can’t do that since it irritates their skin even more. Plus, some face products can cost a lot. So we, the researchers decided to come up with a homemade remedy for the skin...

II. Rationale:

1. How we did you arrive at that kind of problem?

We arrived at that kind of problem since some of the people around us always complain about their acne break outs. They also find it annoying. We decided to find alternatives for face creams. Lastly, we want to create something that anybody can afford or do…

2. Why do you like to investigate that kind of problem where in fact are hundreds of problems out there?

We find the problem interesting so we decided to investigate it. Another is that, a lot of people can relate to the problem that we chose. Even us, we feel that we should start creating something that is healthier for the face or skin….

III. Materials:

What are the things that you need in solving your problem? Are you going to buy them or just borrow?

Some of the materials are bought and some of them can be found at home...


• Rice Flour (Malagkit)
• Rice Water
• Honey
• Green Tea (Optional)

Materials/Other Equipments:

• Bowl
• Spoon

IV. Procedure:

How to Create the Rice Mask:

1. Soak a handful of rice in water, just enough to cover it, in a covered bowl overnight...

2. In a bowl, put 2 spoons of rice flour...

3. Pour half rice water into the bowl.

4. Add 2-3 teaspoons of honey

5. Add a teaspoon of green tea (optional)

6. Place in a container/jar

Application of Mask:
1. Dab some of the mask mixture on your face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. 2. Rinse with warm water.

V. Implication:

In case your problem will be solved, what will be its importance to the school or to the community? Will your findings benefit others?

Yes, it will benefit others: here are the possible results of the investigatory project:

Benefits to one’s self/ user:

•Hydrated Skin
• Softer Skin
• Face dark spots/ acne scars
Benefit to Community:

• The people who will use this product will feel more confident since their face has been cleared from the acne or oiliness…

• The people who will use this product can save money. Instead of buying face cosmetics or creams.. They can now use these materials that can be found in their homes...

VI. Budget:
A. How much each material you need costs in the market?
1. Honey Costs Php110
2. Rice Flour costs Php70
3. Green Tea costs Php90

B. How much are you going to spend for the project as a group? How much will be the contribution of each member?

The contribution for each member would be Php70

C. Do your parents approve your budget? Did your leader inform them about the possible expenses through a letter?

Yes, the parents of each member approved...

Results and Discussion:

We found our product effective, not just because we want our Investigatory Project to get a high grade but as we know, the materials that are present in our product is really tested and proven to make your skin be beautiful again... As the main ingredient, what will be the good effects of honey and rice flour to our skin?


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