Rice Conservation

Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Campaign for Rice Conservation

Prepared by: Cornel

I. Introduction
At first we decided that our campaign is for “Kanal Cleanliness”. We made flyer for this campaign but we change it because of some reasons. We now decided to have the campaign for “Rice Conservation”.

We observed that in the old Market and Alumni food court, there are rice that is wasted because students ordered too much rice but don’t eat it all. So we decided to campaign this project to awake students that rice is precious and to realize that every single rice is important. This project aim to support the University Comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (UCEMP).

According to statistics many Filipino don’t eat everyday because of lack of money so why wasting food while many people wish to have it?
Another point is that, before it becomes rice that we eat, there are processes, but the process is not the issue, it’s the effort of the farmers who chooses to go in the farm and spend their days to plant and harvest rice.

We expect that when students see our flyers in the old Market and Alumni food court, there would be an impact in their mind and heart about the importance of rice conservation.

II. Activities Done
Like what I said in the above statement, we first chose the campaign for Kanal cleanliness because that is our first observation and that is the first thing that we notice whenever we go to old market. But to make our research better, we chose a campaign that we think is best for our research and it is the campaign for rice conservation. We prepared this campaign because we notice that there are students who don’t give importance in rice and other food.

To reach students about this campaign, we use flyers. We made our flyers with colors and statement that will get the attention of the students. We put it outside and inside the food court in our target places which are the old Market and Alumni for the student to see and witness.

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