Topics: Vietnam, Poverty, Vietnamese people Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Raising the value of Rice Sector Of Viet Nam and Raising the Income of The poor General Introduction:
Rice is the staple food of almost Vietnamese people and the number of rice cultivating households accounts for 2/3 households in all country. To about 100% population of Vietnam – the poorest group, rice takes account 35% total household spending. The important role of rice to the national economy is showed through the consumer price index structure with the rice proportion : 20%. Moreover, rice export is one of the main source of foreign revenue. One of the characterizes of Viet Nam rice sector is the production and cultivation period of every different cultivating area. Currently, the average productivity of Vietnam is 4.3 tons / ha / year. In while, some cultivating areas in Cuu Long delta can reach to the productivity 10 – 12 tons/ ha, the other areas only reach 2,4 tons/ha. 2 last decades, Viet Nam is suffered from severe sources of rice. However, thanks to a series of liberating reforms : such as autonomy production authority and land use right, rice output is rising greatly making surplus food and rising income of cultivating person, which make a significant contribution to poverty reduction. In 2003, the rice productivity of Viet Nam reached to more than 34 million tons, in compare with 12 million tons in 1981. From 1996, Vietnam often exported more than 3 million tons/ year and became the second rice exported country in the world in terms of volume, only after Thailand. However, in the future, the ability of raising value of exported rice and income of people will be more difficult. A recent research of value chain about Vietnam rice sector shows that some problems need to resolve to improve quality and income from rice. Policies of the government to rice sector :

In recent years, food security always is one of the priority top of Vietnam government. This thing show through priority policy developing cultivating rice area and irrigation...
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