Rhetorical Strategies From Barack Obama

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Rhetorical Strategies from Barack Obama
In 2002, Barack Obama had given a speech against the Iraq War, which took place in Chicago, Illinois at The Federal Plaza. Obama’s speech was very strong, because of his use of rhetorical strategies. In his speech against the Iraq War, he used the strategy of repetition to make sure that the people of his country get his point of view. Another rhetorical strategy that the politician used was imagery. The imagery in his speech added more detail and made his speech more intriguing.

Barack Obama starts off his speech with a very strong tone and by letting the listeners know who stands before them. The first rhetorical strategy that stands out in his speech is his use of repetition. Next in his speech, the Senator starts to use a lot of imagery. I had spotted an example of his use of imagery on line nine and ten of his speech. His example read “After September 11, after witnessing the carnage and destruction, the dust and the tears…” After reading that line, I immediately pictured that seen in my head. I had pictured the destruction and carnage along with the dust and tears falling on all of the innocent on that day.
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