Rhetorical Analysis On Mrs Calloway

Topics: Woman, Thought, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Atticus Finch, Fahrenheit 451 / Pages: 1 (123 words) / Published: Oct 27th, 2016
Welty’s language conveys the intensity and value of these experience by how she expresses her passion for reading Welty using describing words like “ her dragon eye” or “commanding voice” to describe this angry librarian, who kept her library in check on her own. this librarian, Mrs. Calloway scared mostly everyone. Everyone’s fear for Mrs. Calloway got in the way of children, who were trying to read books. Welty never let Mrs. Calloway’s vicious attitude stop her from reading. Welty started off using a negative tone towards the librarian, but not once did she use that negative tone towards reading. Welty’s used a positive tone when referring to her passion reading. By using the enthusiastic tone to inform us on her passion towards

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