Rhetorical Analysis Example

Topics: Automobile, Internal combustion engine, Gasoline Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: December 2, 2012
What Do You Put Into Your Car?
The majority of civilized people enjoy cleanliness and taking part of the best things life has to offer. Thus, when you look at this advertisement of a man whom has become the outward expression of what the inside of a car looks like, people will tend to pay attention. The man himself is dirty and grungy and seems to be unhappy, but it is not until you realize that it is a petrol ad that makes it clear that the company is suggesting the consumer’s car is unhappy unless it is filled with the best gas. By the petrol company creating a background with very clean, industrial lines, it is even more apparent that the filth is out of place. I considered that the man is not necessarily out of place, but that not putting the right gas in a car is common and many people do not know. This man seems to be a representation of what a car contains on the inside which is bad gas. I believe that this creates an emotional appeal by sparking a curiosity about the gas contained in cars and whether I am putting the right gas in. For many people, their vehicle is one of the most expensive investments they will make. For this reason, many people will take care of their cars and fill it with the best of what they can afford. Creating a petrol awareness is the purpose of the ad . By creating awareness the hope is that people will think twice before their next gas fill up, and consider using OKQ8’s petrol.

“Imagine taking as much shit as your car.” I cannot pretend to know what language is acceptable in Sweden, however, using what could possibly be considered an obscene word is a statement. It jumps out at whomever is reading the ad. This ad was meant for the adult audience of Sweden whom have cars. Adults whom consider their cars as investments and treat them as a long term need will tend to take care of their vehicles. The petrol company is looking for this kind of audience because if OKQ8 can persuade their gas is better, individuals...
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