Revolution of 1800 Dbq

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, Electoral College Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 4, 2012
FRQ #2 Nick Flanagan

The Revolution of 1800 was monumental in the development of the United States as a nation. It proved to other nations that the republican experiment began by the revolutionary idea of independence could not only thrive, but succeed. In the fierce political battles of Adam's term this orderly exchange of power seemed impossible to ever achieve but this election proved all the skeptics wrong. The Revolution of 1800 was so named by the winner of the 1800 election, Thomas Jefferson. He called this election a revolution because his party, the Republicans, peacefully and orderly received the power with nothing but acceptance by the federalists. This was how the founding fathers designed the government to be but could never be sure it would truly work. This was certainly well named a revolution but only in respect to the political and judiciary factors.

The transfer of power from the Federalists to the Democratic-Republicans in a completely peaceful and respectful manner was by far the most significant and shocking change in the election. It was almost an immediate disconnect from the precedents set by the Europeans where nearly every single change of power were violent and deadly. Another step forward from your standard politics was the much greater appearance of popular democracy. The vote itself ended up being decided by the House of Representatives in which of course members are chosen directly by the people. The entire election although not the most respectful campaign from the candidates did end with something entirely deserving the title of a revolution. No one was sure if this transfer could work without some major dispute and the success of this election proved not only to us but the rest of the world that democracy could and did work. This was also an advance in the fact that once we realized that it did in fact work people could become much more for it and not be of the fear that it could all collapse. It enforced a...
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