Ap us chapter 11

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, Supreme Court of the United States, James Madison Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: October 20, 2013
1. The handicaps the Federalists and Adams had running in the election of 1800 was their Alien and Sedition Act arousing a host of enemies, although most of these critics were dyed-in-the-wool Jeffersonians anyhow. Also, the refusal of Adams to give them a rousing fight with France was a handicap.

2. The Federalists attacked Jefferson in a " whisper campaign" by accusing him of having robbed a widow and her children of a trust fund and of having fathered numerous mulatto children by his own slave women.

3. Aaron Burr gained New York's electoral votes for Jefferson. Jefferson was called a " negro president" because he was an illegitimate embodiment of the "slave power" that the southern states wielded in the nation. When there is a tie in the Electoral College, it can only be broken by the House of Representatives.

4. Jefferson called the election of 1800 a " revolution" because it was comparable to that of 1776. The transition of power was revolutionary because it was the peaceful and orderly transfer of power on the basis of an election whose results all parties accepted. It was a remarkable achievement for a raw young nation after all the partisan bitterness that had agitated the country during Adams's presidency. I think when Jefferson said in his first inaugural address "We are all Republicans, we are all federalists" it meant unity in the nation.

5. Jefferson’s presidency was unconventional because he would receive callers in sloppy attire, sending messages to congress to be read by a clerk and his voice was weak and unimpressive platform presence. Jefferson was consistently inconsistent because he was forced to reverse many of the political principles he had so vigorously championed. It was as if there were 2 of him. One was a scholarly private citizen and the other was the harassed public official.

6. By the time Jefferson entered office the Alien and Sedation Act was already expired. The incoming president speedily pardoned the " martyrs"...
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