Review on Mrs Trollope's Domestic Manners of Americans

Topics: Humid subtropical climate, At-large, German American Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: October 7, 2008
Mrs. Trollope depicts her seemingly pleasurable exploration in America with caricature which grounded on the constantly comparison between the American domestic life with her own experience in Europe with pretension. I have to say that to some extent, this is good travel narrative full of exaggerated anecdotes rather than real description of Domestic manners of the Americans as the reader expected. Mrs. Trollope amused herself largely by sneering at the system of new nation America and its people and enjoyed her ascendency over the folly Americans. Why did she show such scornful attitude to American style? The first reason I assume is that she was so eager to settle down in America to start her new life with her children there. Her real intention is not merely travel. She wants to settle down in America. In her fancy, America is a place of opportunities and easy to earn more money to start a better life. However, the settle down is not that easy as she expected. Things turned out that the so-called “wonder of the earth” Cincinnati is merely nothing compared with her own town. All the fruit in Cincinnati are quite inferior to any she has seen in Europe with details at large. She claimed “All the fruit I saw exposed for sale in Cincinnati was most miserable. I passed two summers there, but never tasted a peach worth eating.” (Chapter 7)The more scorning and ridiculous attitude she reveals toward the living conditions of Americans, “darkened by blinds of paper, such as rooms are hung with, which required to be rolled up, and then fastened with strings very awkwardly attached to the window-frames, whenever light or air were wished for.”(Chapter 4) And she also added she found out in despair that it is the same with elsewhere in all America. Furthermore, making money is never that easy too. She retorts some of the native political economists’ assertion that Cincinnati growing rapidly into a prosperous city owe to “free political institutions” by claiming that...
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