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To: Honourable Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear From: LaCole Foots Policy Problem It is a known and indisputable fact that smoking lowers the quality of life and lifespan and increases chronic health risks for all people who smoke. Unfortunately, the State of Kentucky has the highest smoking rate in the nation. Of the adult population, 29% identify as smokers in the state compared to 19% across the rest of the nation (Center for Disease Control 2011). The smoking affects health care costs...

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Gaming in Kentucky

Gaming in Kentucky Former Governor Paul Patton introduced the possibility of casino-style gambling in the Commonwealth of Kentucky on Tuesday April 27, 1999. Over the past thirteen years there has been a firestorm of controversy surrounding the costs and benefits – both economic and social – of such an initiative. Gambling, in Kentucky, has evolved largely as a partisan issue with Republican lawmakers leading the opposition. Current Governor Steve Beshear is continuing the fight for casino-style...

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Overview of Middle College at Eastern Kentucky University

Middle College at Eastern Kentucky University is an expensive program but we are not “at risk” nor are we an “experiment”. The students who attend Middle College are not and were not “at risk”. One, our curriculum is much harder than the traditional high school students. In the traditional high school students receive three hundred minutes, give or take, of in class learning time per class each week. At Middle College we only receive one hundred and fifty minute of class time per class each...

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'Coming Of Age In Gurney Norman's Night Ride'

Logan Epling English 101 Dr. Underwood 2 December 2016 Night Ride I believe Gurney Norman’s “Night Ride” is a story that shows coming of age very strongly. It shows how life still is today in Kentucky. I am very familiar with the area where the story takes place. The bullet holes in the road signs are actually there as described in the story. “Steer this thing,” said Delmer, letting go of the wheel without slowing down in the slightest. Wilgus took the wheel as his uncle leaned out the window and...

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Ethical Considerations on Plagiarism

for disregarding the codes are similar from University to University. Eastern Kentucky University has an Academic Integrity Policy (Eastern Kentucky University, 2006, para 4). Each student must sign a pledge stating "I hereby affirm that I understand, accept, and will uphold the responsibilities and stipulations of the Eastern Kentucky University Honor Code and Academic Integrity Policy" (¶8). Eastern Kentucky University defines plagiarism as using another person's images, ideas, or words from...

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Program Evaluation Paper II

The Kentucky Suicide Prevention Group (KSPG) has established them as a program that helps with suicide prevention. According to KSPG the program began as a planning group and has developed into in a group program (2008). During the planning process a needs assessment was performed at the beginning phase and was included in the evaluation plan. Information was collected throughout the beginning phase to answer why, who, how, what, and when during the needs analysis. Also Kentucky Suicide Prevention...

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Latinomics, Good or Bad?

Latinomics, Good or Bad? By Paula England What are the effects of the Latino and Hispanic population on the economics of Kentucky? According to Olsen if the Hispanic population were a city, it would be the third-largest and fastest growing city in the state. The U. S. Census Bureau reports that the Hispanic population of Kentucky was 21,984 in 1990 and almost 60,000 in the year of 2000. These figures do not take into account the undocumented immigrants which are estimated by the government...

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Descriptive Effects Of The American Civil War

in the war and how they effected America as a whole. Divided loyalties were one of the main concerns in the midst of the Civil War. One of the states where this was clearly an issue was Kentucky. Being a border state between the North and the South there was definitely bound to be divi-sion. The state of Kentucky mainly supported the union but not all parts of the state did. There were tons of soldiers in the area that supported the South even reaching into one-thousand. Overall, the divided loyalties...

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My Trip To Florida-Personal Narrative

of Ohio I slowly gained my excitement back as me and my dad saw the sign of Kentucky. I was so ecstatic and amazed to finally be in the state of Kentucky; a state I have never visited before. The longer we drove through Kentucky the more I was fascinated by the landscapes of Kentucky. My dad was feeling the Kentucky spirit, because he decided we were going to eat at KFC. So we took a pit stop and chowed down some Kentucky fried chicken. After that brief stop we shortly made it to Tennessee. It was...

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Prison State Frontline

The United States sends more people to prison than any other country in World. The state of Kentucky has also been having a jail problem. The Kentucky police has been locking up more inmates than they have ever before. The jails are overpopulated and the state is trying to figure out a solution to this jail problem. The video “Prison State”, a documentary by PBS Frontline, shows the problem Kentucky has with more inmates in jail. The states spends a lot of money to lock up prisoners. The state alone...

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