Review Of Sex And Gender Beyond Binaries

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Sociology Pages: 4 (978 words) Published: February 26, 2015
Thu Ya Zaw

Sex and Gender

SOCI 2475

Review: Sex and Gender: Beyond Binaries

I will be doing the review of Sex and Gender : Beyond Binaries written by Joy L. Johnson and Robin Repta and will be focusing on the topics of gender as in institutionalized gender, gender as constrained choice, gender roles, femininity, masculinity, embodied gender and postgenderism. In introduction of this article, researchers are arguing about the accurate definition of sex and gender. For some researchers sex is a more scientific term that describe sexual preferences and gender is more like a social term. In the article, sex is defined as “ a biological construct that encapsulates the anatomical, physiological, genetic and hormonal variation that exists in species.” Sex is physical characteristics that distinguish males and females from each other and also known as the preference of sexual partner that one desires. There are three types of preferences which is heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual. Researcher say people change to different preferences depend on their environment and society they are living in. For examples, if a person stay with gays and love hanging out with them then he will become on of them as he get older. Gender is a multidimensional construct that care and assign individuals to different roles, responsibilities, limitations and experiences based on their gender. So gender is actually help to determine sex consist of social classification. Researchers who write this article even mention gender as amorphous concept and also mention that gender can be change depending on religion and environment. Institutionalized gender is one of the categories from topic of Gender. It is define in the article that “gender is both produced and shaped by institutions such as the media, religion, and educational, medical, and other political and social systems, creating a societal gender structure that is deeply entrenched and rarely questioned, but hugely...
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