Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

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For my research I chose to look into Commercial water systems it’s fascinating to see a pressurized system of water for a facility such as a large hospital. I interviewed a friend who was involved in engineering the system to be installed in a hospital and there’s a lot more to it than I first expected, I never really thought of how complicated it actually was and how much water that involved. Most companies involved in these commercial jobs are larger companies, there are five Engineers working on this particular area of the project, his department is only involved in water pressure as a whole, and how much pressure each individual outlet needs, therefore they have to figure the combined pressure to supply enough for every outlet, there is a lot more to engineering say a dentist office than I thought went into commercial buildings. He is not a government employee, but the majority of his work involves contracts and jobs that are government buildings. I asked him about the expected growth in that particular industry and he replied that there are plenty of buildings needed to be re-engineered and re built in the near future and each of these projects are typically one year to a couple year projects. He told me that his company is scheduled out with contracts for 10 years with up coming projects, and the majority of them are not completed on time since he has been there. So he feels that the future is looking bright for the company and there will always be growth for more efficient systems of water ect.. There are always new regulations coming out with complying to fed and state regulations, and these differ depending on the size and structure of the building, my friend said, that is one of the toughest things to keep up with is changing regulations on every project is different. The name of his company is Frank M Booth, and they start out there engineers at around $65,000 in his companies. My friend has a...

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3- 115 GPM AXEON X2-Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems
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