Reverse Logistics

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Alcuin Ninian Dhilip

Managing returns for increased Reverse Logistics profits

Reverse Logistics is one the most overlooked elements of the complete operation cycle. There is a perception that returns are a necessary evil to be avoided at all costs, Even though reuse of products and materials is not a new phenomenon. Reverse logistics offers an opportunity for companies to differentiate or distinguish themselves with customers. Usually a customer will evaluate a company based on how well it handles its returns.
Many companies outsource reverse logistics because they do not have the expertise within their management ranks to run the area, or they would rather put their resources toward manufacturing or customer service. Manufacturers often dedicate their top talent to running manufacturing plants, working with customers or managing imports — not focusing on returns. With a 3PL provider, manufacturers receive the focus, motivation, experience, existing technology, capital resources and staff to hit the ground running. (Curtis Greve and Jerry Davis)
Increasingly, however, savvy electronics companies are recognizing that the aftermarket can no longer be an afterthought, for reasons ranging from revenue potential to regulatory. It’s there – where a product needs to be brought in from the field for repair or replacement – that reverse logistics takes its rightful place as a strategic part of the supply chain.(
As in the U.S., effective management of reverse logistics still Emerging in Europe. In environmental and green issues, Europe appears to be ahead of the United States. For consumer returns, European reverse logistics practice appears to lag behind leading edge American systems. But India it’s a different issue all together not much is

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