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Neiman Marcus, is an American luxury specialty department store that involves a high standard of quality, style and customer service. Neiman Marcus offers a huge assortment of Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty, Kids Apparel and Home Furnishing from the very best designers.

Neiman Marcus is multi-channel retailer, they sell to the public via more than one distribution channel - through mail order catalogues, bricks and mortar stores, online, and via mobile technology; the latter two being the most recent, and currently fastest growing channels. This project will focus on Neiman Marcus department store at Beverly Hills, CA.

I chose this particular channel because Neiman Marcus is my favorite department store. The goods at this department store represent top-notch luxury. You get all your favorite designers from Christian Louboutin, to Chanel, to Celine, to Prada, etc in one place. It's a candy store for adults! I found that Neiman Marcus has the best merchandise and the assortment in the competitive market. Sales promotions are very frequent and discounts are tangible. The service is impeccable; return police is also very reasonable and loyal. The reason why I chose this particular channel location is because I live near by, in Westwood. It takes me five minutes to reach this place by car. I love the cafe on the forth floor because after a long day of shopping it's nice to relax, refresh and people watch. This Neiman location has a way bigger selection on items, especially handbags. The location is perfect; Beverly Hills is one of the most famous places in the world. I am saying that as an international student, who had a dream to at least once appear there. How many times we saw Rodeo Drive, Four Seasons Hotel, Neiman Marcus, in the movies? Countless times. It represents a beautiful and wealthy side of Los Angeles.

The Neiman Marcus Company was established in 1907 as a local specialty store and has become an internationally recognized innovator in fashion and merchandising. The founders of the store were Herbert Marcus, his sister Carrie M. Neiman, and Carrie's husband, Abraham L. Neiman. Their initial investment was $25,000. Herbert Marcus had been a buyer for Sanger Brothers and Carrie an assistant buyer for A. Harris and Company; Sanger and Harris were the two leading department stores in Dallas at the time. Neiman had also been in department-store sales and had met Carrie at the Harris store. The opening of Neiman Marcus took place under unpromising conditions. The country was in the midst of an economic recession known as the Panic of 1907. In spite of a nationwide financial panic set off only a few weeks after its opening, Neiman Marcus was instantly successful, and its first several years of operation were quite profitable. The store was lavishly furnished and stocked with clothing of a quality that was not commonly found in Texas. Within a few weeks, the store's initial inventory, mostly acquired on a buying trip to New York made by Carrie, was completely sold out. Neiman Marcus tried to differentiate itself from other stores, such as Sanger Brothers and A. Harris, from the beginning. The founders emphasized that Neiman Marcus was not a department store but a specialty store, featuring women's outerwear and millinery. Marcus and the Neimans stressed high-quality, ready-to-wear items in an era when clothing was usually one or the other. The store also developed a reputation for high prices as well as high quality, even though its founders depended primarily on the sale of medium-priced items. After a fire in 1914, Neiman Marcus moved to the corner of Main and Ervay in downtown Dallas. The store's wealthier clientele represented mainly the cotton aristocracy of East and north central Texas. Later the oil-rich of East and West Texas added to Neiman's growing reputation regionally and nationally....

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