Restaurant Project

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* Introduction
* Primary objectives of the project
* Analysis of restaurant business
* Development Plan
* Location plan
* Layout plan
* Resources planning
* Operations Plan
* Products and services required
* The Target market
* Competitors
* Strategies for sales
* Management of restaurant
* Forecasting and future

The project is a proposal to start a high class vegetarian restaurant. The world is becoming more and more inclined towards vegetarian food and need for high quality vegetarian food is growing rapidly.

“Being a doctor, as well as a model, I know that eating veg is the first and most important ingredient in keeping fit. If you eat chicken or other meat, you’re consuming toxins, fat and cholesterol. Veg food is powered with all the vitamins and protein you need to be at your best.” – Aditi Govitrikar

“Vegetarianism saves animals’ lives and can’t be beat for maintaining a muscular body and building endurance. Vegetarian food contains all the vitamins and protein you need to be at your best and is free of all the fat, cholesterol and toxins found in meat.” – Anil Kumble

One has to understand customers preference and sense of taste to produce an alternative method frequently. So that customers can opt for one particular restaurant to check out with new options and try out … So we need to understand customer demand frequently to and discover for alternatives . The project aims at designing such a high quality restaurant to attract the customer and build high satisfaction and recurring demand for the restaurant’s food.

The aim is to analyze the various factors in starting a restaurant and to decide upon suitable size, location, stock availability (availability of various dishes), inventory maintenance (buying vegetables and other goods at lesser cost and maintenance of necessary goods), facilities to be made available in the restaurant, level of customer satisfaction, capturing restaurant market share and making handsome profits.

Once the primary objectives are met, the project proposes plans for development of the restaurant, financial objectives and other aspects to be looked into. If the first restaurant meets its objectives by the end of two years, the objective is to expand its presence, thereby increasing its market share continuously and make excellent profits.

Food is a basic need for all living beings. The lifestyle and preferences of human beings have changed so much that their taste and food preferences have also grown widely. We are of the view that variety is the spice of life. Though restaurant business is highly competitive, there is absolutely enough space in market for healthy and tasty food.

Further, people in today’s busy world, have very less time to cook for themselves and their family, thereby increasing the need for restaurants. As people are health conscious, we propose to start of our business with healthy and tasty foods at a fair price. The restaurant being a high class one, we cannot afford to fix the price at low cost, which may become a disadvantage in building our brand image.

The predicted growth trend for goods is really encouraging to start this high class vegetarian restaurant. More and more people are becoming vegetarians to maintain their health thus increasing the demand for healthy vegetarian foods. The proportion of income spent by the consumers for food is relatively higher. And people are not hesitant to spend on healthy quality food for their family.

The most important part of this project proposal is the development plan of the restaurant which considers the most important decisions such as location of the restaurant, layout...
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