Restaurant Evaluation

Topics: Mozzarella sticks, Mozzarella, Drink Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: May 5, 2013
One fine Sunday afternoon I texted my clone to go on a date but tragically he was occupied. My second date plan did succeed however, so me and editor-in-chief Gibson Merrick took the bleak walk from Fordham library gate down to Applebee’s on Third Avenue. Applebee’s is an American tradition turned Bronx treat stuffed with as much good times propaganda and sports images as anyone could ever hope to see. I felt as though I was at some sort of second world mall with all of the poorly photoshopped patriotic Bronx themed laser imaged murals that abounded in the two story space. Also much like the second world, there were an abundant number of people in uniform, but few of them doing much of anything. We took a seat at the bar and waited a good ten to fifteen minutes before the bartender even noticed the two Adonis’s had arrived.

Upon finally being served, we sat and had an enjoyable talk about film as we looked around the interior space. Although the modernist structure that the restaurant is located in was built fairly recently and out of brick and concrete, the interior had an abundance of exposed stone wall next to the aforementioned patriotic murals. To quench our appetite, we ordered an appetizer of mozzarella sticks. They were fried and crispy and came with a marinara dipping sauce. The sauce tasted a lot like tomatoes with possibly another thing added to it in order to make it more akin to marinara. We were excited to eat them and definitely wanted to eat cheese but ultimately thought they may have passed the realm of too cheesy. We continued to sit at the bar and wait for our drinks.

Eventually the drinks came and we thanked the bartender for her service. We sat on the comfortable leather stools and drank our drinks. The leather was brown and fairly pleasing to the eyes. My ass was particularly comfortable when sitting on the brown leather. The margaritas came in large glasses made of clear glass. I don’t know if this had any sort of effect on the taste,...
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