responses to oppression

Topics: Slavery, Caribbean, Cuba Pages: 2 (861 words) Published: May 8, 2014
Responses of Caribbean People to Oppression
By: Akemi Mascoll
Form: U6 Alpha 2

Oppression in the Caribbean took place in many ways. These were taken place by the slaves or laborers who were tired of the harsh ways in which they were treated and decided to react either violently or non-violently towards the owners or planters. The Amerindians were one of the first migratory groups in the Caribbean. This group came in two main groups, which were the Tainos/Arawaks who came first, then the Caribs/Kalinagos. This group was the first to face oppression by the Europeans when the later arrived. When the Europeans arrived they disrupted the peaceful environment in which the Amerindians used to plant their crops. They came to produce wealth by trade, or plunder if necessary and in doing this also spread the Roman Catholic faith among the Amerindians. The Amerindians responded to this oppression by the moving and going into the mountains, build a village and then came back to help the whites. This was the main response to oppression, which was known as the grand maroonage. Some also went into town were they had families and spent a little time there and then went back to the plantation. This was known as the petite maroonage. Some of the Amerindians to the lesser extent committed suicide, infanticide and abortion in response to oppression. In the case of the Africans who also faced oppression by the Europeans responded both non-violently and violently towards the whites. This group was first faced with oppression on the arrival to the Caribbean. They were shipped in small containers that were very unsanitary. These containers were very small and packed with many Africans. These conditions caused the death of many of these Africans. This was physical form of oppression because the people were captured and taken with out them being asked. It was also psychological oppression because the ones taken had never seen the sea or a white people and therefore did not know what...
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