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…Personal Response…

This is important because in your essay you will have to talk about YOUR understanding of ideas and issues in the text. Write about a paragraph for each question…unless you feel compelled to write more!

▪ Did you like/dislike this text? Why?
▪ What impression do you get from the cover of the novel? What does it suggest the book is about? ▪ What is the significance of the title?
▪ “A book can provide a link to other lives, a window to another time”. Explain how this statement relates to ‘Angela’s Ashes’. ▪ What do you think are the main themes in the text?
▪ What character did you like best? Why?
▪ What character did you like least? Why?
▪ What do you know about the way Angela’s Ashes has been written (the style)? ▪ Why is setting important in Angela’s Ashes?
▪ What does this book tell us about hope and survival? ▪ What shocked you in ‘Angela’s Ashes’? Be specific; try to think of one part of the story. ▪ All stories are based on conflict; if everyone is happy and no one fights, there isn’t much to write about. What conflicts provide the basis for this story? Do other conflicts develop as the story goes along? Are these conflicts settled by the end of ‘Angela’s Ashes’? How? ▪ The ending of ‘Angela’s Ashes is satisfying. Discuss. ▪ Write down THREE questions that you would like to ask Frank McCourt (writer of ‘Angela’s Ashes’). ▪ Write a diary entry as Frank, 10 years on.

▪ Choose one word that you think describes this text and explain why you have chosen that word.
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