Response Paper: Evolution Vs Creationism

Topics: Evolution, Charles Darwin, Creationism Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: January 27, 2016

Response Paper-Evolution v. Creationism
I believe the theory of creationism to be a more valid explanation for the creation of the universe as well as mankind. My faith leads me to believe that the earth was created by means of catastrophic events versus changes over time. Gish discusses creation with the word “catastrophism”, a theory that suggests “the earth has been affected in the past by sudden, short-lived, violent events, possibly worldwide in scope.” He further defines evolution as “uniformitarianism” which is “slow incremental changes, such as erosion, created all the Earth's geological features (Gish).” I see the term creationism as being associated with the Christian community and evolution, the science community.
First, I...

He defines the theistic evolution as “the belief that God used evolution as his means of producing the various forms of physical life on this planet, including human life and that theistic evolutionists believe that God performed at least one supernatural act and two acts of creation; either the creation of matter out of nothing or the creation of first life. After that, “allegedly, every other living thing, including human beings, emerged by natural processes that God had ordained from the beginning (Geisler, 2005).” The Catholic churches unofficial position is an example of theistic revolution; stating that “faith and scientific findings regarding human evolution are not in conflict. Moreover, the Church teaches that the process of evolution is a planned and purpose-driven natural process, guided by God (

In the 1800s, evolutionists stated they believe that Pangea split apart 95 million years ago. The Bible, written before the 1800s, found the earth was divided. When Columbus sailed to North America in 1492, he found people and animals. Evolutionists didn’t come up with the idea of Pangea until over 300 years later. So, the Bible described an event before its discovery ( )!”

In conclusion, I think the fact of creation is more important than the timing of creation and believe that the creation of the universe and mankind was a creation of God. Writing this paper and thinking about the different world views has encouraged my own internal debate. I am still open to the theory of theistic evolution in a sense that I see it as created by God and ever-changing...
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