Responding Essay on the Pale Blue Dot

Topics: Solar System, Pale Blue Dot, Anxiety Pages: 2 (864 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Responding essay on The Pale Blue Dot
La Boite Theatre Company’s captivating production of Kathryn Marquet’s The Pale Blue Dot was a thought-provoking and gripping experience which featured aliens, family hardships and the frightening thought that maybe we are not alone. Caroline Kennison, Lucy Goleby, Ashlee Lollback and Hugh Parker all successfully used acting techniques to give the audience a convincing portrayal of their characters. The staging was very versatile and had an interesting choice of design – a diagram of our solar system; however it was these contributions that supported the effectiveness of the production in giving it a “futuristic feel” which fit perfectly with the theme of alien abduction. Caroline Kennison, Lucy Goelby, Ashlee Lollback and Hugh Parker all gave convincing portrayals of their characters through the use of acting techniques. For example, “Joel” Often displayed worried and angry facial expressions to show that he was upset or anxious about something; For example, when Joel began to worry that there was life outside the universe, he started to make up stories in his head and stress to Holly that perhaps their child was an alien. When Joel got aggravated with other characters (eg: Greta), he made his voice louder and gave irritated and annoyed facial expressions to show he was starting to lose his temper as well. Joel showed his disownment of his child by holding her further away from him while scrunching up his face (unlike Holly), although later in the production his viewpoint of the baby changes to a positive light and he holds her close. Joel was contrasted with Caroline Kennison’s character Greta who used a lot of sharp hand gestures, unfriendly mannerisms and a loud overpowering voice. This showed that she saw herself as a high authority almost as if she was a “boss”. Her movement had purpose because she walked with an upright stride that reflected her sense of persistence and showed her dominance by using the whole...
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