Distorted Reality In Matt Cameron's Ruby Moon

Topics: Theatre of the Absurd, Reality, Samuel Beckett Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: March 16, 2016

Australian contemporary plays display unique expression within the theatre by implementing various elements of production, performance style techniques and are presented within Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon, with displays of distorted reality. The play touches into Australian Gothic Theatre, and is an absurd piece uses various staging, and blocking techniques to differentiate the play from other dramas. The script within itself is quiet abstract and a sense of isolation dominates as Ray and Sylvie only venture within their own neighbourhood. The play is not about reality itself, but shows elements of extreme realism, and displays perceptions that form the style unique drama.
Matt Cameron’s Ruby Moon provides an example of an absurdist theatre piece, which portrays a...

The play itself is not about reality, but it is about the insights that form the shape and style of the play. The play itself is a representation of how little they can peer out their curtains to the outside world. Ruby herself is occasionally referred to in the play as the curtain girl. This could be a sublime reference to the little Ray and Sylvie can interact with the outside world. When character Dawn says “I’m not a real person, but I’m going to become one” reinforces the discrepancy of the neighbours, and in their desperation for the truth behind their daughter’s disappearance, they construct a personal reality to solve their scarring mystery. The concept of this being a play within a play is one of a popular opinion. Ruby being the curtain girl could also alludes to the physical curtains of a performance and the idea of the world of Ruby Moon is an invitation into the world of the imagination: that of the director, the plays two characters and alternately our own personal experiences. The way Ruby Moon shapes and styles the play, makes is an absurd piece of theatre, and this amplifies the exclusivity of Australian Contemporary...
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