Respect to Ncos

Topics: United States Army, Military, American Revolutionary War Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Giving respect to a NCO is an important role as a soldier in the United States military.  Respect is one of the core Army values that we are taught upon us first entering the military.  NCO's have earned the respect throughout the years of service they have given and by proving to their chain of command that they have the ability to lead soldiers both on and off the battlefield.  They have gone to schools put in the hard work that is required to lead soldiers by mentoring them, not only about the military aspect of their lives, but also about their personal lives also.  They make sure that soldiers are physically and mentally fit.  If that is not enough of a reason to respect a NCO then how about because it is required of all soldiers to respect not just NCO's but also other soldiers in the military including themselves.  The most important reason to show respect to a NCO is that we would not be where we are today if we did not have respect for them.  I mean respect is the one thing that makes things work so smoothly in the military.  When we have respect for NCO's we are able to keep our attention on the mission at hand instead of having to disciplining soldiers.  Baron Von Steuben was the first to recognize that in order to have a successful military we would need to put into effect certain values, one of which was respect for NCO's.  Now all this happened back during the Revolutionary War, when we were fighting for our release from the tyrannical rule of the British King because we were not getting the rights and respect we were supposed to be getting.  So see respect is one of the reasons we are able to live in this great country.  If we did not show respect towards our NCO's, then we would have a horrible breakdown in communication between soldiers and their leaders.  And when there is a breakdown in communication it is hard for our military to perform at its best ability leaving us vulnerable to attack, causing casualties not only to the military but quite...
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