Resource Collection Guidance / Outline for Cda 2.0

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Resource Collection Guidance / Outline
RC I-1: Your valid and current certificates of completion of cards from a) any first aid course and b) an infant / child pediatric CPR
RC I-2: A copy of one weekly menu.
RCI-3: A sample of your weekly lesson plan that includes goals for children’s learning and development, a brief description of the planned learning experience, and daily accommodations for children with special needs.
RC II: Nine learning experiences (activities) written in your own words, including one from each of the following areas: RC II-1: Science / Sensory RC II-2: Language and Literacy RC II-3: Creative Arts RC II-4: Fine Motor (indoor) Activity RC II-5: Gross Motor (outdoor) Activity RC II-6: Self Concept RC II-7: Emotional Skills / Regulation RC II-8: Social Skills RC II-9: Mathematics For each experience, indicate the age group, list of intended goals, materials and processes / teaching strategies. For each activity, discuss why it is developmentally appropriate for that age group.
RCIII: A bibliography that includes the titles, authors, publishers, copyright dates and short summaries of ten developmentally appropriate children’s books that you have used with young children. Subjects to consider are; * Cultural and / or Linguistic group identity * Gender Identity * Children with Special Needs * Separation / Divorce / Remarriage / Family Structures * Phases of the cycle of life from human reproduction to death * Other topics that reflect the children and families with whom you work
RCIV A Family Resource Guide At a minimum, you must include the following required information.
RCIV-1 The name and contact information (phone number, web site, etc.) of a local agency that provides family counseling.
RCIV-2 The name and contact information (phone number, web site, etc.) of a translation service for families whose home language is other than English, as well as a service that provides American

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