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1) Fly Ash Brick Size Details :
[6"] :- 230 x 150 x 80 mm 
230 x 150 x ( Up to 100 mm )
[4"] :- 230 x 110 x 75 mm
230 x 110 x 100 mm Can be available in other suitable sizes depending on the quantity.

2) Compressive Strength : Avg. 6 N / ( As against 3.5 N/Sq. mm for handmade clay bricks )

3) Water Absorption : 8-12 % ( As against 20 to 25% for Clay Bricks )

4) Efflorescence : Nil

5) Density : 1700 Kg/m3

6) Weight: 
230x150x80 mm ( Weight about 5.0 to 5.20 kgs. ) 
230x110x75 mm ( Weight about 3.4 to 3.60 kgs. )

7) Composition :-

i) Cement : Birla Super Cement OPC 53 Grade

ii) Thermal Station Fly Ash 

iii) Crushed Sand / Stone Dust

iv) Chemicals


1. Due to high strength, practically no breakage during transport & use. 2. Due to uniform size of bricks mortar required for joints & plaster reduces almost by 50%. 3. Due to lower water penetration seepage of water through bricks is considerably reduced. 4. Plaster of Paris / Gypsum Plaster can be directly applied on these bricks without a backing coat of plaster 5. These bricks do not require soaking in water for 24 hours. Only sprinkling of water before use is enough.

Fly Ash
Thermal power stations are left with an undesirable by-product, fly ash, in large quantities which is not able to effectively utilize or dispose of. Currently, (2009) more than 120 million tonne of fly ash are generated annually and the storage and disposal has been costing the power stations substantial unproductive expenditure. Unfortunately, all the fly ash available at the power stations is not fit for use as mineral admixture directly. Fly ash as a mineral admixture should conform to IS: 3812. Such a material is available in the finer streams of Electro Static Precipitators fitted to the power generation system.

The coarser materials are required to be processed (generally with the help of Cyclones) before being considered for use as mineral admixture for concrete. There are only a few processing units in India, including the one as Nashik Thermal Power Station. As per the Euro Code for Concrete, only processed fly ash can be permitted as mineral admixture in concrete. The code limits the use of fly ash. About 35% of cement may be replaced by fly ash; the actual percentage replacement depending on the outcome of trial mixes.

The Fly Ash Bricks are promoted as an alternative to burnt clay bricks with in the construction sector in India .

Fly-Ash Bricks are an environment friendly cost saving building product. These bricks are three times stronger than conventional bricks with consistent strength. These bricks are ideally suited for internal, external, load bearing and non-load bearing walls. These Bricks with higher strength/weight ratio (about 3 to 4 times that of burnt clay bricks) aid in designing stronger, yet more economic structures.

Fly Ash Bricks are Durable, have Low water absorption, Less consumption of mortar, Economical & eco-friendly, Low energy consumption and No emission of green house gases. These bricks are not affected by environmental conditions and remain static thus ensuring longer life of the building. Also, the savings with regard to wastages in fly ash bricks are considerable during unloading and construction due to true shape and size, consistency in quality, and the workability of the fly ash bricks unlike traditional clay bricks. These bricks are very economical / cost effective, nil wastage while transporting and handling.

Use of Fly ash bricks-Cost effective house

* In this days, the cost of the construction is increased due to high rate of labours,cement,steel,sand,bricks and all type of construction materials. * Thus the new technologies have to implant in construction to decrease the cost of house. * I have reserched in "low cost housing" and got all new techniques for the construction.Here there is one of them "FLY ASH BRICKS"....
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