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berlin wall

By benjaminedwardjulius Dec 29, 2014 854 Words

Title: The Berlin Wall
General purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: to inform about The Berlin Wall aka Berliner Mauer Central idea: There are three parts to this speech regarding the Berlin Wall Introduction
Have ever heard about the Berlin wall, it has many histories to it which brought sorrow grief and happiness to many Berliners I. World War 2 ended in the year 1945 and Germany was separated into four parts A. The allies that that was in charge of the administration of the each quarters were Great Britain, USA, Soviets and the France B. Berlin was the main administration of Germany at that time and it was under the control of the Soviets. II. Berlin was controlled by joint military which gave rise to the tension among the military, due to the tension caused Berlin was divided into East and West Berlin III. The east was known as Germany democratic republic, while the west was known as Federal republic of Germany. (Transition: Lets take a look what is The Iron Curtain which is known as The Berlin Wall)

I. The Berlin Wall was erected in the night of August 13, 1961. It was a weekend and most Berliners slept while the East German government begun to close the border. Sunday, August 13th, became known as ‘Stacheldrahtsonntag’ (barbed wire Sunday) A. There are several purposes that lead to the building of the Berlin wall in just mere hours. 1. The Berlin Wall was constructed as a way of preventing East Germans from entering West Germany. 2. The Berlin Wall was something of a propaganda disaster for the Soviet Union and East Germany. It showed the communists to be tyrannical in the way they controlled the movement of their people and their willingness to shoot at people they considered to be traitors

B. The main frame of the wall was built overnight but as years pass the walls became more fortified. I. August 13 1961 East Germans permanently closed the border between East and West Berlin using Barbed wire fencing and armed guards were used to guard the border. II. June 1962 the construction of the second wall begun, it was called “Border Wall 75” it took 5 years to complete. III. The wall had 45000 sections of reinforced concretes slabs. The New Berlin wall included 79 miles of fencing, more than 300 watch towers, 20 bunkers, 250 guard dogs running around and 65 miles of anti-vehicle trenches (Transition: Since we already know what and why was the wall built let me next tell you about the impacts of the wall to the nation)

II. The impacts of the wall were so great that people were in great anger towards East German. A. During the first erection of the wall many westerners lost their family members. Fathers lost their family and children lost their parents who were working on the eastern side. B. The eastern side of the berlin started to look like a ghost town. 1. The main road leading into the town was full of potholes, the road edges overgrown and untidy, with rusted and Leaning Street lights many with their light fittings missing. Eisenach was looking like scene directly from the aftermath of World War 2. 2. The buildings were crumbling, the dusty, dirty and long-unpainted facades almost obscured by a thick pall of sulphurous coal-smoke, The yellow coal coming from the open cast mines smoke. 3. All the buildings were dirty and grimy, the streets and pavements in disrepair, the few shops dowdy, and small crowds of people seemed to be standing around on street corners as if with nothing to do. (ARTON personal diary 1975) Transition: The effects of the war can be seen clearly it’s devastating not to the country but also to the people living there, every barrier built that brings sorrow shall have its down fall. III. The wall that was built did not bring any joy or glorious moments after the war all it did was add sorrow and grief to the people in Berlin, due to this it led to the fall of the Berlin wall. A. June 12, 1987 - In a speech at the Brandenburg Gate, U.S. President Ronald Reagan challenges Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down this wall!" B. A mistake helped lead to the fall of the Wall

1. The flood of East Germans and West Germans to the Wall, which led to its ultimate collapse, came after East German Politburo member Guenther Schabowski on Nov. 9, 1989, mistakenly announced that East Germans would be allowed to cross into West Germany effective immediately, according to National Public Radio. 2. The Berlin Wall fell because the will of the people, the spirit of freedom, didn’t give up. Liberty, the cry of every human heart, triumphed. Conclusion

I. Nov. 9 marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the iconic barrier that completely enclosed West Berlin from 1961 to 1989 and symbolized the height of Cold War tensions. II. Clinton visited in 1994, he told the crowd of Berliners, "You have proved that no Wall can forever contain the mighty power of freedom." III. No wall can stand against the yearning of justice, the yearnings for freedom, the yearnings for peace that burns in the human heart,

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