Residential Profiling and Recordkeeping System

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Through the years, the term web-based recordkeeping has blown up to encompass many aspect of recording the file of every resident, thus, the term become more recognizable. A general term that describes recordkeeping system is that collects, organizes, and categorizes records, facilitating their preservation, retrieval, use, and disposition. Software is developed to reduce the time consumed in a particular task to be accomplished with a high standard and accurate output or results.
Web based applications are the ultimate way to take advantage of today’s technology to enhance organizations or community more productivity and efficiency. Web based application gives you an opportunity to access your business information from anywhere in the world at any time.
Web based applications have come a long way and now offer competitive advantages of traditional software based systems allowing business to consolidate and streamline their systems and processes. It offers cross platform compatibility that is more manageable, highly deployable, give secure live data. It also facilitates to save time and money and improve the interactivity with the client.
Web based applications have evolved significantly over recent years and with improvements in security and technology there are plenty of scenarios where traditional software based applications and systems could be improved by migrating them to a web based application.

The main purpose of the study is to explore the development in making a web-based system. Technically, the term Web-Based system refers to those applications or services that the client/resident on a server that is accessible using a Web browser and is therefore accessible from anywhere in the world via the Web. Web-based system is used to secure the records of the residents that only the Barangay Captain and his/her Secretary are the only entities can access the record. Viewing and surfing the sites are the only role that the residents can do. They

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