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Topics: Research, Scientific method, Graphic design, Research methods, Design / Pages: 6 (1749 words) / Published: May 5th, 2014
A series of professional methods have been used in different kinds of fields in research. This essay intends to make a primary exploration about five terms of research skill, which are questionnaire, interview, multidisciplinary research, case study and quantitative research, at the same time, illustrating how the five terms being used in research. Firstly, this essay will make a general overview of the meaning of these five nouns in research. Secondly, analyze their advantages and disadvantages, at the same time, give examples and explain how to use these methods in communication design.
As one of most important preliminary stages in a research, questionnaire is an efficient and low-cost method to gain the information which helps researcher collect data. At the same time, questionnaire is a good way to gain opinions and attitudes of different people who face the same research topic. At present, Questionnaire has been widely used in various discipline research, meantime, also used in art and design, Gray and Malins(2004)presented that “it has been used in Art and Design research”.
Usually, a successful design can be accepted by audience ,there are a lot of works need to be done before planning a design, and it is definitely a good method to understand the preference of target audience through questionnaire. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages. It allows for widely collected information (paper-based, web-based, got feedback through fax or e-mail), and it can get more honesty responses from anonymous respondents, compared with other ways, questionnaire is more economical and timely. On the other side, it will take more time to analyze the results if the large sample gets more generalized response, but it may also get low return rates due to the poor question design or because of ‘questionnaire fatigue’ on the part of respondent, and responses may be problematical.
An increasing number of designers tend to use a series of processes to investigate

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