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Research Project

By abby1280 Apr 09, 2013 453 Words
Child Observation

Observation Date: April 9, 2013

Start time: 9:30am

Finish time: 10:15am

Number of children present: 7

Number of adult present: 2

Description of Student and Setting

K.W is a two year old male who has been at the daycare for 9 months. He is of average

build. He lives with his mother, father and his four year old brother. Both of the kids are

in a safe and nutiruting atmosphere daycare.

The center service children from one month old to 5 years old. Most of the students are

from middle income families. The students are grouped according to age. Each group has

three teacher. Each toddler class has approximately nine students. The student encourage

to learn as a older toddler to be creative, self-confidence, and self-control in a secure

environment where he can sing, move, play instruments, and explore the world.


The child (K.W) is two year old healthy boy, just playing around with a car toy just lying

around in the classroom rug with another boy with his same age.

In terms of language, it seems like the kids understands and knows how to speak but with

just little words. One kid said for example, “Mine!” yelling to the other kid about her toy

car. The kids were obviously playing together and even though they are not saying much

but just making random sounds to each other, they seem to understand it. They laugh

together randomly.

For social interaction, one kid seems to be a little bit selfish. I would think it’s because he

is currently in stage of “just right” principle where children wants everything in their own

way. An example is when the other kid grabbed on of the toy cars just laying around and

the other kid just yelled “Mine!” like I mentioned earlier.

The children seem to have a territorial “thing” going on. They were surrounded by a lot

of toys but they only play with the ones that are near them and they arrange the toys to

where they can reach it. The toys were also arrange in way that it surrounds them and it

seems like they are the only one who can play with them.

The preoperational stage occurs roughly between the ages two and seven. Language

development is one of the hallmarks of this period. Piaget noted that children in this stage

do not yet understand concrete logic, cannot mentally manipulate information, and are

unable to take the point of view of other people, which he termed egocentrism. The

concepts of egocentrism and conservation are both centered on abilities that children that

things look different to other people and that objects the same properties.

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