Research Paper On Frankenstein

Topics: Race, Slavery, Black people, White people, Racism, Race / Pages: 8 (1932 words) / Published: May 15th, 2017
Jared Di Lalla
Ms. Leslie
British Literature Honors
2 April 2017

Research Paper: Part 1 In the book “Frankenstein”, Mary Shelley flawlessly reflects the contemporary racial discourses of nineteenth century England, which involved the revolution of slaves at the time. Throughout her novel, it is evident that the anxieties and fears of the white, European world are of racial premise. Victor fears of being responsible for creating a “race of devils” that inhabit “the New World”. The creature is shunned from society and labeled as a monster, based solely on his appearance, which is considered ugly by European standards. As a result, the creature grows resentful of the society that he pitifully failed to infiltrate. This mindset of Victor and many others in the book reflect the anxieties that plagued England during the time this book was written. During nineteenth century England, there was a growing xenophobic fear as it became clear that the independence of slaves would affect European society and
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It was the ignorance for black people and their culture; which perhaps should be referred to as the “others”, for in this case anyone who doesn’t reflect European ideals of beauty is subject to the same prejudice. Although in the European’s case, it can be argued that it’s in human nature to be more accepting of what’s familiar than of what’s foreign. But in any case, the Europeans did more than just surround themselves with their own kind. They completely excluded the “others” from their society and considered themselves the superior race, with every aspect of their society perpetuating this ideology. Fear definitely did play a big part in this as well, which, again, can be attributed to their ignorance of other races. For it was out of this ignorance that exaggerated stories of savage beasts in Africa that were immoral and violent could even be considered non-fiction

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